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HDD is dedicated to providing insight and stimulating discussion on all aspects of healthcare and healthcare data analytics. We want to deliver relevant content to give you our point of view on best practices, lessons learned, and successful strategies.

Check out a list of upcoming and recorded webinars, delivered in a quick and easy format from our experienced healthcare experts.

What to Expect

HDD webinars last 45-50 min and include an audio presentation and a visual slide deck for attendees using GotoWebinar.  The webinar series is hosted by an HDD Principal and features a rotating guest presenter with expert knowledge of the U.S. Healthcare industry.  PDF handouts of the slides presented are available to registered attendees, and a recording of both the audio and visual presentations of all past webinars is available on our website through GotoWebinar.

Webinar Series

  • Quality Practices of a Top Performing Plan

    September 17, 2020

    Just to keep up with the ever-increasing needs and requirements in today’s health care landscape, health plans must continually review and enhance their quality improvement efforts. Getting to the top is half the effort, as staying there in the face of a pandemic is a true test of a health plan’s ability to assess, plan, and implement. Learn from UCare’s story, how they achieved excellence, and how they plan to remain a top-performing health plan. 

  • HEDIS® Changes for

    Next Year, MY2020

    August 05, 2020

    How are the latest changes to HEDIS measures likely to affect your rates? Changes related to how medical care is being delivered now in the face of COVID-19, have been added to the regular rounds of new, retired, changed, and clarified measures. The short and long-term planning and interventions needed to adapt to the current landscape for high-quality HEDIS reporting. Health Data Decisions will talk about the likely implications of the major changes and what you can expect moving forward. What you can plan to take away: •  A summary of key changes to the new MY2020 tech specs •  Implications these changes may have on your rates •  Insight into the connection between HEDIS measures and clinical reality •  How measure changes fit into Stars and other required reporting programs HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the NCQA.

  • Using Clinical Data to Close Gaps and Improve Quality and Risk Adjustment Outcomes. In Partnership with Diameter Health

    June 24, 2020

    In today’s ever-changing landscape and moving goalposts, health plans must continue to enhance and improve their approach to acquiring, translating, and utilizing clinical data. Join us for a collaborative webinar between Health Data Decisions, Inc. and Diameter Health to learn the best practices to keep pace with your competition. What you can plan to take away: 1) Strategies for evaluating the health of the clinical data you already have 2) An understanding of clinical data translation from disparate formats to a single, unified one 3) Usage of clinical data to close gaps via Supplemental data (HEDIS®) or in your Risk Adjustment suspecting 4) Guidelines for acquiring high-value clinical data and identifying the best sources to go after

  • Want better Quality and Risk scores? Clean clinical data can get you there. In partnership with Intersytems Inc.

    April 22, 2020

    In the ever-shifting health care environment, payers are looking to provide better care for their members, improve revenue, and increase operational efficiency. A cornerstone of that strategy is improving HEDIS®/Stars performance as well as optimizing your Risk Adjustment revenue. Getting high-quality, clean, curated clinical data from your provider network provides that advantage. Learn how a clinical data integration strategy and a prioritized plan for acquisition can both streamline the quality reporting process, as well as improve your overall quality and risk scores. What you can plan to take away: 1. Learn the fundamentals of establishing a clean clinical data pipeline to your health plan 2. How to build a prioritized plan to acquire the most valuable data first 3. How to quantify the downstream impacts that additional clinical data can bring to your organization

  • Chart Chase Tracking: How to make your MRR project a success.

    February 12, 2020

    Every year, the Medical Record Review season for HEDIS® and Risk Adjustment presents new and different challenges. Optimize your results by establishing a strong tracking and monitoring process and develop a plan for when things don’t go as expected. HDD will discuss strategies for refining your chase approach throughout the season and what you should be thinking about now to prepare for next season. HDD’s chart chase optimization approach is vendor and process agnostic and will help you laser focus your retrieval efforts. Watch the recording to learn about best practices in project governance, the signals to look for that may indicate you are heading in the wrong direction, and strategies to get back on track.

  • Stars 2021 Changes

    January 15, 2020

    What can you expect to be the same and what will be different for Stars 2021? Although CMS has put out a number of communications about Stars 2021 requirements, there has not been a single all-encompassing preview document like in prior years. As we await final notices, we can use the information provided thus far to help guide our work. Join HDD to make sure you are best prepared for the HEDIS season! ​ HDD Consulting Services Include: Quality/Risk Program Assessments Data Cleansing & Validation Solutions Implementation Support Custom Predictive Analytics HEDIS Stars/Rate Dash-boarding Revenue Reconciliation and Forecasting CAHPS and HOS Improvement HEDIS and Risk Operational Outsourcing.