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Qualipalooza 2022 in Review

The 2022 edition of Qualipalooza, a RISE™ production was a huge success. While we are all still struggling with the many effects of COVID, one thing is slowly returning to a new "normal"- Collaboration.

Qualipalooza is a RISE™ conference that is described as

THE leading ‘teamcentric’ conference is focused on quality of care and improving member experience.

Rise remains the trusted source to hear nationwide leading quality experts sharing focused and detailed discussions on best practices and strategies to improve Star ratings, HEDIS® scores, CAHPS and HOS, plus pharmacy measures to maximize efficiency and revenue within your plan.

Health Data Decisions was able to spend some valuable time in sunny Las Vegas for Qualipalooza, collaborating with other members of our industry, customers, and other vendors offering valuable tools, services, products, knowledge and best practices.

Information Highlights

Some of our favorite information coming from the conference focused on a few key practice areas that Health Data Decisions enhances with our customers

  • Customer Experience

Session from Rex Wallace & Medallia describing changes in how members behave in Medicare Advantage plans, and the movement towards "voice of the enrollees" in plan governance. Some great information and great call to action in a realm where Health Data Decisions also plays some critical roles with our customers.

  • STARS Improvement

Deep dive into Part D quality measures, especially a single binary response question "doctor discussed all prescription drugs" as a predictor for all other Part D responses.

  • Risk Improvement

Do health plans know what their actual risk score should be? One of the main predicates of Medicare Advantage is that we should be able to beat fee for service model in a lot of areas, including accounting for risk- but many plans do not.

  • Member Engagement

Session from FarmboxRX described methods to improve member engagement through incentive programs. These programs not only helped members, but were enhanced by identifying exactly what does motivate members.

Some Highlights from Las Vegas

  • Iconic views of Caesars Palace, venue of the 2022 Qualipalooza. Everything at Ceasars drips with luxury, and the healthcare quality professionals enhances the milieu.

  • The new strip addition, Resort World. Since many of us haven't been traveling for a number of years, it was a welcome sight to take in, the growth of the strip to include this new hotel and casino.


Health Data Decisions prides ourselves on being experts in the field. Our consultants measure experience in decades, and our firm has been serving healthcare payers, provider groups, and vendors in the quality space for over 14 years. One of the best ways we can provide the best care for our members, is through collaboration. Even in a competitive industry, we all have the same goal: to make healthcare better, for everyone.


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