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Digital Quality Measure Transition 2 Part Webinar Series With Special Guests

Health Data Decisions and MK Advisors is hosting a webinar series on the transition to digital quality measurement. Special guests, formerly from NCQA leadership team will contribute their perspectives on integrating this new technology and method into quality measurement practices.

Outline Webinar (1) 11/8/21 – 3:00 p.m. EST - dQM Transition: Clinical Opportunity and Benefits

Topic and Webinar Overview - discuss macro-context - needs and problems with measures, emerging standards and regulatory framework

Register for Webinar (1) here:

Framework Introduction

Discuss overall approach and framework we created to approach the digital quality transition holistically; how webinars 1 and 2 fit into the framework, introduce 'window of opportunity'.


HDD and MK Advisory will be joined by Michael Barr, MD, former EVP of Quality for NCQA. A discussion of the overall clinical context of digital quality measurement. We will introduce the overall context, needs, and regulatory framework. We will cover: • Making measurement more clinically meaningful • Measure consolidation across payer, provider, and government programs • Benefits of data timeliness and completion • Real impact on health • Clinical and cost-of-care benefits • Reference scorecards and ROI measurement About Michael Barr, MD, MBA, MACP, FRCP: Michael served as Executive Vice President of Quality for NCAQ for over 7 years. He brings a wealth of clinical leadership as a physician executive with over 35 years of experience. He is now focused on developing MEDIS consulting, with services in numerous Quality-focused areas.

Webinar (2): Technical Readiness & Benefits

Register for Webinar (2) here

Technical readiness and benefits including:

  • CQL and dQM measure engines (software) - discuss vendor, payor, NCQA MaaS models

  • FHIR as data model for CQL - native ability to ingest prevalent future standard for data

  • Interoperability as a critical component to streamline data ops:

    • Massively reduce complexity

    • Eliminate data transformations

    • Get data in real-time

    • Completely change CM, gap closure, etc.

    • Drive down cost of data acquisition

    • Improved security

  • Impact on other use cases using same clinical data

  • Compelling ROI when approached correctly

  • Summary of what has been addressed, what is still missing (e.g. standards, policy; endpoints & dynamic access)

  • Reference Scorecard and ROI tools as appropriate along the way

Read more about dQM here


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